Dressing up for my job?

So we're dressing up for our Halloween dinner thing at my job. I serve and bartend. It's not mandatory to dress up, but I'm figuring I'll make better tips if I try to show some enthusiasm.

I'm not really into or very good at the dressing up thing, so does anyone have any good, simple ideas? I don't wanna look like I put NO effort into it, but I don't wanna do a whole lot..

Unfortunately they need to appropriate ideas. I work with an older crowd.


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  • there are plenty of costumes you could wear (such as zombie) that involve wearing the same clothes you normally wear and just being creative with makeup and some accessories to go along with it. given your work situation I think that would be appropriate and could be fun. use your imagination to see what you can come up with that way.


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  • Dress slutty with lots of skin showing. You want to get tips right? Never mind that your boss may fire you, hey...he might want to date you, too. Bottom line...the more slutty you are...the more tips you'll get.

    • Thought of that, but can't do it.. should have mentioned that I work in a country club with a crowd of older people who I have to see on a regular basis..

    • Ok......dress up as a big #4.....(maybe just a big number 4 on a T-shirt).....bring a bunch of ping pong balls but put spots all over them to look like golf balls and just throw them randomly (or maybe when you get a nice tip)......at people. Each time you do.....yell....."FORE"!

  • Put on a bunch of lacy frilly stuff, like all over, and go as the Axe Ball Scrubber. Guaranteed hit and probably the funniest costume you will see all night.

    • It's an older crowd who I see on a regular basis. I work in a country club, so although I like the idea I can't do it..

    • That info would have helped :). What type of Country Club, more golf focused or more tennis focused, this does make a difference. Of course you could always go as Sara Palin, get some non-prescription glasses, pull your hair up in a bun, and get a cheap sport coat looking thing with a name tag that say Palin. It will ruffle feathers but not too much and most people at Country Clubs will appreciate the advanced level of humor.

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