My girlfriend wants to know how to get hair dye out of her hair faster?

My girlfriend has been coloring her hair for over a year (she is naturally blond and has been dying it brown) with Schwartzkopf Country Colors, a hair dye that lasts 40 washes. She wants to return to her natural color and is wondering if there is an easy way to do so. What shampoo should she use?


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  • In order of what I would do:

    1. Wash it with Prell shampoo

    2. Wash it with a dandruff shampoo that has tar in it

    3. Wash it with shampoo mixed with baking soda

    4. Wash it with Dawn dish detergent

    5. Wash it with Tide

    and if all doesn't work go make an appointment to just get it lightened.


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  • A clarifying shampoo


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  • If neither of you are well versed in hairdressing, then I would just suggest you make a swift appointment with the local hair salon to have them work it out. I am sure your girlfriend does not want to be in the predicament where the hair-lightening bleach she is using turns her hair some other light shade like auburn or orange instead of making it go blond again.

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