Lighten my hair, or darken it?

So I have a medium-medium dark hair, but I'm wanting a change! I have golden brown eyes and fair ivory skin (I'm Caucasian) and I love Pocahontas! So I was thinking, to emphasize more on my native American background (I have 1/16) that I would take my hair to dark dark brown. But then, I had the idea to get highlights and lighten my hair to a light brown with highlights! My hair goes to just below my breasts and I have side swept bangs. I slightly tease my hair and usually straighten it. So guys and gals, which I color do you think would be most attractive? What do you like better, because I have no idea which one I like better! Please give me your honest opinion! Thanks! :)

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I made myself sound kinda pale! Lol I'm not pale, I'm just normal! Haha not ghostly, but not oompa loompa either! Just clearing that up! I may get tanner later though, so with your decision, please keep that in mind! Thanks!
My boyfriend is native American, so he has tan skin, black hair, and blackish-brown eyes if that helps at all! :) thanks


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  • i would go with the lighter hair, I think it would bring out your lovely sounding eyes :)

  • as a general rule... darken hair in winter and lighten it in summer

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