Should I get tan to have even body tone or bleach to even my darker areas of my body?

Ok so I'm fair colored, not too white, but you know just nice normal fair, like jessica alba lolz. My Butt cheek area, including the back side, the waist area is uneven colored skin tone, I mean I want the whole area to be like the rest of my whole body and look sexy and even . What should I do? I'll be embarrass to show myself to my husband one day so any help out there guys? (also, what should I do about baby hair on my butt! which makes it look a bit darker than my skin color on the front of my body! Since I'm a GIRL for heavens sake! All this gives me huge lack of self-confidence in mee:(.any suggestions?


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    Skin bleach is TERRIBLE for you skin.

    Hydroquinone, Benzoyl-peroxide

    all horrible and counterproductive cancer agents.

    NEVER put Hydroquinone on your skin!

    k thank, love! ^_^


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  • You should get tan because bleach is too dangerous for you. And it doesn't really help because sometimes it wears out

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