Do guys notice when other guys are good looking?

I'm just wondering. No, I'm not asking if they're physically attracted to them, but do straight males notice? Cause you can (for the most part) ask a girl if another girl is good looking and for the most part you'll get a "she's cute" or a "she's okay" or whatever but I've asked guy friends of mine if a guy is good looking and they'll just be like "I don't know" or "how would I know? I'm not gay" or something stupid like that. I'm not really sure if I'm properly conveying my thought.. but do they?


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  • I can sometimes tell if a guy is good looking (like he's got model looks). Other times when girls point out good looking guys I just scratch my head because I don't see it.

    That aside, guys don't go around commenting on how good other guys look (for obvious reasons). I think more likely the guys you've asked are scared about being labeled "gay" or some other silly worry.


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  • Not necessarily.

    Only in a competetive nature.

    It's really only ever significant when the guy is threatening to my stance with a particular girl or group of girls,(i.e. he may draw the interest of her more so than I). Then I'm thinking, hmmm, that guy's actaully good-looking. I'd better watch out for him. He might steal my fire around here.

    Or if he is simply has a better body than me. Then it just makes me want to work out.

  • i consider all guys better looking than me so I don't have to look at them

  • Only if it's like brad pitt.

  • I sure notice =D


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