Was this mutual attraction?

Was in my local pub last night (22 October 2010) & one of the regulars we know was sitting with her family (most of them are in their 60s) but her sisters daughter who was around 19-21yrs old was with them, I'd never seen her before, but geez she was hot!

As I walked to the tables to sit down with my sister (we met up for a meal as we hadn't seen each other for a while), I noticed the girl immediately glance at me for a second or two before her family who we know said "hello" to us.

As the night went on she glanced over at me a few times with a sort of curious face and at times I felt she 'went out her way' to take a glance at me!

I went to the toilet shortly after & when I came back she turned her head to look at me again & almost immediately after I sat down she got up & went to the toilet too for some reason?!

Then when we were all leaving, we let them out before us, and they all said "cheerio" to us & we did to them to. The girl I fancied was last in their group to leave & as she passed me, she looked down to me & gave me a big smile (a little nervous sort of) & I smiled at her & nodded my head at her.

What I want to know please, is did this girl possibly fancy me? I will talk to her next week if she's in.

I'm a 23yr old 6ft tall guy.


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  • It's a good sign, definitely talk to her next time you see her. isolate her from her family and get her number!


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