Who is REALLY more vain when it comes to wanting to date ONLY attractive people? Girls or Boys?

Who is REALLY more vain when it comes to only wanting to date attractive people? Girls or Boys?

Do guys only go after hot girls? Do girls only accept the attention or advances of hot guys?

Take your vote, tell everyone why you feel the way you do, and maybe add a story to prove your point.

I am a guy, and I have always felt kind of bad because I want to date attractive girls. Now that I have gotten older, it seems like girls only really give cute/hot guys a fighting chance.

Ladies and Gentleman, prepare to defend yourselves!

  • Girls are more vain and only really give the hot guys a chance with them!
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  • Guys are more vain and only pursue hot girls!
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Please comment after you put your poll results. Guys are losing here, but I think girls are more vain!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Given that the question is about dating, I'm going to say girls are more vain in general.

    For the guys that actually want a relationship (read: not players, and not the cast of Jersey Shore), the ones who aren't gorgeous (8/10 or above) get a pretty harsh wakeup call early on by not having success with any women in or above "their league". At that point, they can either try for less attractive girls, keep trying (usually unsuccessfully) with better looking girls, or become better looking themselves. If it's something like fat, then they can bulk up their muscles and cut their body fat (which generally takes months or years to do both, often more for really skinny guys), but if it's something like height, face, or "masculine features" like broad shoulders and chiseled jawline, there's nothing you can do aside from extensive surgery.

    Since girls tend to not do the approaching and courting (for whatever reason they may have), they don't get the same proverbial slap in the face that (most) guys do. The hottest girls get a lot of attention from the hottest guys (most of whom are just out for sex, especially at a young age). Because they don't approach, the average looking girls don't get outright rejected, so many of them still have an inflated sense of self-worth (the fairly attractive ones tend to think they're hot sh*t, and the average-and-below ones tend to play personality as the reason they're also 9/10s). The hot guys they tend to favor usually only go for sex with the hottest girls, so girls tend to get the mentality that guys only go for looks (which is true, for the players).


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What Girls Said 1

  • Ok. Well I thought it was guys but I guess the POLL proved me wrong. All I know is that true beauty is in the heart. I don't want to date a unattractive guy but would not mine and alright guy or an average. But I look in the heart more than the looks. I would not date a sexy hot guy.


What Guys Said 1

  • Guys tend to do quite well at understanding attractiveness collectively. What I mean by that is that guys all have a preference (brunette, thick, etc) but if 100 guys rated 100 girls, they'd mostly be the same.

    Girls are ALL OVER THE PLACE. One girl will rate a guy a 1, another will rate him a 5, and a third will rate him a 9.

    Guys pay more attention to "hotness" because guys understand it better. Women aren't so stuck on "hotness" because an ideal physical male isn't really understood by women. However, women are way more likely to be picky.

    If a guy makes a list of 50 qualities he wants in a girl... he'd settle for a girl who has 30 of them. If a girl makes that same list, she'll "settle" for a guy who has 45, only with the understanding that she can "whip" those last 5 out of him.

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