How do girls(women) shave their facial hair w/o it coming back stubby and looking horrible?

Alright I was wondering a few dumb girly questions.

How do girls(women) shave their facial hair w/o it coming back stubby and looking horrible?

Also what do you do about the hair on your belly/back/chest and breasts (for girls)?

and what is the best acne medication and what is the best lotion to make ur body silky soft?

And another their any way to fix sagging breasts? :x besides having an operation?

sorry for the dumb questions but I really would like em answered .


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  • I would suggest that you use nair removal because I use them and you can find them in walgreens and drugstores.

    I don't hrow hair on my belly back or those parts but it doesn't matter if you use an electronic shavers for those parts

    Best acne product will be proactive and or neutrogena. They both helped clear my acne.

    To fix saggy breast try excersing daily and and eating vegetables which will help to hold I firm

    Your questions are not dumb, other people will learn from your question answers

    • Thanks for chosing my answer as the best. I am glad that you like it

    • On the acne, I have tried the proactive and neutrogena haven't worked as good as I wanted it to. Unless urs isn't to bad might work but I found that a prescription from the doc is wht does it.

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  • For facial hair and body hair I recommend waxing. DOnt shave becuase it will come back stubbly.

    Idk about the acne medication or lotion but you should try body butter if you want soft skin.

    I know that for the boob thing that there are exercises that you can do to lift them and mae them firmer. (you can look it up on google)

    Hope I helped a little bit!

  • Wax? maybe sry I'm not much help

  • To get rid of facial hair, use nair or a product like that. It usually doesn't come back for weeks.

    I don't have hair on my back, or chest. maybe you could shave it?

    for acne, you could just wash your face with soap and water every night, or use tooth paste and let it set for alittle bit when your face breaks out.

    for sagging breast, do exercises that can help perk them up.

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