I love this guy but his height is an issue for me.

be He's shorter then me.

He's 5 ft.

I'm 5 ft 4.

What do I do? Lol..

He wants to be with me.

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  • Don't be with him.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Sorry you aren't attracted! He is too short..let him down gently!

    • I'm attracted to everything but his height?

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    • Height is a shallow deal breaker. Similar to eye color, or nose shape, or anything else that person has no way to control.

    • I have been turned down for being white....thats right I wasn't black!!

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What Guys Said 2

  • If you're attracted to him you shouldn't let height ruin that. He can't do anything to change his height, and has just as much reason to feel insecure about the height difference as you do. Yet, he still wants to be with you. Don't bow to social pressure over something so trivial and superficial.

  • Just Do It!


What Girls Said 5

  • Talk about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise LOL

    I once read in a celeb mag that Tom cruise wore these shoe pads or something to make him seem taller than he actually is lol

    • And your view on my situation is..?

    • Make him wear those shoe pad things to make him look taller jk

      Just go out with him, you` d make such a cute couple imo, the girl being taller for a change aww

  • height shouldn't matter if you truly ? each other

    • We are in love.. It's hard though, you know?

    • Yes it may be hard but if you truly do love him it shouldn't matter!!

  • you obviously don't love him. true love really is blind; the fact that you're asking this means that you're not as close as you think you are.

    • We are. :) We're pretty much together.

  • Don't let height determine your relationships... That will just make you miserable...

    • How can I not? :(

    • I'm short so I might just be defending his height... But I've actually crushed on guys shorter than me in high school... Nothing wrong with that... The worst that could happen is some ignorant punk is gonna comment about it... Don't worry about what others think and follow your heart...

  • height shouldn't matter too much if you really love someone

    • I don't love the looks nor comments I'd recieve.

    • If you truly loved the guy you wouldn't care. so obviously you don't love him

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