Judging People Precisely?

People supposedly make assumptions about others all the time. Based on their clothing, based on how they look, based on their facial expression and everything that they just seem to look like. I personally have No Idea how to do that. Can anyone help what you must know in order to be able to judge someone's personality traits based on just what you see? How can you categorize people?


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  • no matter what you think or say, everyone is subconsciously making a judgment about someone the second they see their face in less then a second. that includes you too.

    Instead of looking at how they are dressed, I rather judge on their behavior...that could tell you a lot about someones personality but then again you can't really judge someone's mental process by looking at their behavior and clothing certainly can't tell you either. you don't have to do that, I rather listen to my instincts...their usually pretty accurate.


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  • All of it is from time and experience. Everyday just watch people, observe how they walk, sit, talk, their reactions, facial expressions, etc... Once you have seen enough differences you will be able to tell how people are, what they will do, etc... I find that I have to look into peoples eyes, as well as read their body language to know if they are telling me the truth. A lot can be seen from looking into someones eyes/watching their face. This is kind of the basis of being a Mentalist as well, most mentalists just are very good and reading people.

    But all of it comes from practice, the more you observe all of what's going around you, the more you will understand the people in it. I have done this all my life, and when I was in college, I could just look around the room at my classmates and know what kind of person they are, their personalities, whether I could talk to them, be friends with them, etc... If you get really good at it, sometimes you can even tell what people have done in their lives, their profession, their mood (if they are hiding), and so on...

    Again just observe people, make eye contact, read body language, and the more people you see and interact with the better you will get.


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  • Superficial judgments like that are generally a waste of time anyway. None of those things accurately express who a person is or what they are like. People make those judgments because they are easy to make, and people like to label things for easy reference. The only way to judge a person precisely is to actually get to know them, and that takes more than just a glance.

    Except for face tattoos. If they have face tattoos you can be pretty sure they're crazy. ;)

  • People do this way too much which makes them ignorant. Sometimes it's necessary though.

    You can't really teach how to do it, just observe people and think about it.

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