Should I persue a girl who has a boyfriend but is attracted/interested in me?

Okay here's the deal. There is this girl that I see twice a week at school. Her class is next to my class and starts at the same time. About 2 weeks ago I was walking to the Restroom when I saw her for the first time. She was sitting on the floor talking to a few of her classmates when our eyes met at the exact same time. She literally did a double take of me and we stared into each others eyes for a good 3-4 seconds as I was walking past her. On my way out of the restroom, walking back passed her I looked at her again, gave a little smile and she stared back at me and smiled. So two days later I came into our building early to see her and she was there, in the same spot. So I walked up to her and sat next to her and introduced myself. We made small talk, she smiled constantly and even acted a tad bit nervous. When I got up to leave because my class was going to start she gave me a big smile and said goodbye to me using my name. The next time I saw her I was unable to go sit with her because when she walked into the building it was 5 minutes before class and I was talking to two female classmates of mine about class . But while she was sitting in the hall I caught glancing over at me at least 5 times as if she was waiting or wondering if I was coming down to talk to her. So the next class (this past Tuesday) I figured I had the green light to ask for her # which I was going to do. So when I sit next to her she was talking to two of her classmates and she mentioned to one of them that she had a boyfriend. Sooo after that I kind of just got up and went to class. Question is.. It seems she has some interest in me and I obviously have some in her, but the question is.. Should I still attempt to get to know her when there is obviouis mutual attraction between us or leave it alone?

Update: BTW, it wasn't like the her classmate asked her out and she said she had a boyfriend to reject him. It was in conversation about a certain topic when she threw it out there to him.


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  • No, how would you like it if some guy was trying to steel your girl if you had one.

    • Honestly? It is what it is. We are Men.There's always going to be other Men who try to take your girl. It's the nature of the beast. I'm a pretty confident guy. I don't feel threatened by other men and don't feel another man CAN take my girl. If he does? Then that's on me.

    • its called respect.