Jealous of my boyfriends

My Boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months now, but I am suuuuper jealous of his ex. She is a tall, blond MODEL, and I am a short brunette.

Before I got together with my Boyfriend me and him were really good friends and she would come to his apartment and start like stretching on the floor in really sexual poses and I could tell it like affected him and made him want her.

Now we are together and he insists that he's completely over her but they were together for over a year and I basically feel like I don't even compare to her as far as looks go. Even though he SAYS he disagrees I find it hard to believe seeing as she's a freaking model.

Anyway any advice on how to get past this? I'm really not the jealous type she's the only person I'm jealous of with him.


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  • He already tells you that he's over her, but I can understand why you think he's not. I mean, she being a model and all, it seems to me that you're putting yourself below his ex on the attractiveness meter. Fact of the matter is this: he broke up with that model and chose you! Do you get where I'm going with this? You have something the model doesn't, either the attitude or the fact that perhaps he may just prefer a brunette over a blond. Maybe he likes a shorter girl over a tall one.

    Don't undervalue yourself. There's a reason he's with you now and not with her. Don't let your insecurity ruin anything you have with this dude. You might want to put a stop to it before it does! Have some confidence :)

    • Thx :) I'll try but easier said than done!

    • It def is easier said than done, but hang in there :)

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  • the two of them shouldn't being seeing each other if you are both in a relationship...they have history and it only takes one drunk night and him falling into that mistake trap...this ex is trying to destroy something that was supposed to be hers whether you realize it or not or if she realizes it or not...caution for you

    the fact that he's keeping her around is either as an accessory or he still has feelings, in which case both might be true...for now, you can either tell them to stop or you can just let things be and hope that your boyfriend is truthfully as good as his knew of this of course when they were dating before as she was first, so you swallowed that pill deciding to date him...just hope that you didn't become the rebound girl if he should cheat one time...caution for you

    • He doesn't keep her around, this was when we were friends with benifits and not official yet. He hasn't hung out with her since we were together but we see her around once in a while. Thx for the advice tho

  • I know how you feel, stings doesn't it?

    Look, so she may seem better than you in some ways, ask yourself this:

    why would this guy break up with an apparently hot model for you?

    here's the answer:

    he cares about you.

    sure, a year he was with her, and of course he'll still have feeling for her for a bit, but they die eventually

    but if you wanna speed up the death of his feelings for her, maybe you should start doing some streches of your own for him... ;)

  • Let it go, jealousy is ugly. Be confident in yourself!

  • The "model" look is over rated, especially after you date girls that guys consider to be 9s/10s. You start to realize that looks aren't everything and the person overall is what's important. Why do you think super models and gorgeous celebrities get cheated on? Looks aren't enough to hold a relationship together.

    Your boyfriend is with YOU now, you're the only important thing in his life. Don't worry about the ex, she is meaningless. Doesn't matter what she looks like.


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  • Her coming over and stretching on the floor in sexual poses? Did she actually do that? lol If she did then it sounds like she is less confident than you are!

    One of you need a shot of confidence and FAST, otherwise he will go looking for the next one that won't be jealous, that will know they have his love, and that won't look down on themselves.

    Dont ask him about her ever again - if you keep bringing her up then how can he forget about her? Just move on from being jealous of her and live your life the way it is. With him by your side.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. And looks aren't everything. There is a reason he is with you and not her. Try to have more self confidence. Jealousy is very destructive. I know because my boyfriend broke up with me because of it

  • She's his ex for a reason

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