How to get him to want me?

the name kinda says it all. how do I get guys to want me ?

what do guys look for in a girl? and could you please rate the following 1 being the most important or favorable and 10 being the least important or favorable



Kind Hearted








Thank you !


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  • Looks- would be a 2 because I love a pretty face more than a body, it may seem shallow but you have to have somewhat of a physical attraction with the one you like.

    Humour- would be around 3, I don't like girls who are up tight and get offended easily when you're joking around to an extent.

    Kind Hearted- would be a 1, I want someone who is caring and not just into herself and looks.

    Friendly- would be a 1, so she wouldn't be all about only hanging with her friends and not mine.

    Height- would be a 5, it's not a big deal but I'm 6 foot 2 and like a girl a little taller than average like 5'8"-5'10" but shorted like 5'2"-5'7" wouldn't be a big deal.

    Smell- would be a 1, no one wants someone who smells bad lol.

    Quiet- is iffy, I'm pretty shy myself so it might get awkward if alone unless she is just like how I am and are only quiet around a group of people but alone I'm not very shy maybe a 5.

    Talkative- another iffy one, it could get annoying but like I said I'm pretty shy so it would be nice not sitting in silence, 4.

    Loyal- would be a 1, I hate cheaters for whatever reasons, I trust and would let them hangout with whoever, but once you lost my trust it's kind of hard to rebuild it.

    Honest- would be a 1, just like the loyal thing really.


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  • It depends on the guy. You just have to show interest so they can "reply" to it.

  • Obviously every guy's opinion is going to be different on this; however, personally, this is how I see it.

    1. Looks/Smell/Height

    This is what I first notice when I see or meet someone. Obviously some may think this is shallow, but how are you going to get to know someone or develop an interest without first seeing the outside before the inside. Also, although height for me personally is quite flexible, I'm rarely interested in a girl that isn't at least 2 inches shorter than me (I'm 6ft. and I would look scrawny if a tall gal with heels on would stand near me. No offense to any girls out there that are tall.)

    2. Kind Hearted/Friendly

    Of course I wouldn't be able to get this information about someone that quickly, but first impressions do last and even if you trick me into thinking that you are kind hearted or friendly through our first few conversations, chances are, I'm going to think you truly are.

    3. Humor

    I do love the humor and a girl that can make me laugh all the time is seriously a dream girl to me. Although if I do have a particular interest in you, I probably wouldn't mind how stupid your jokes are; I would laugh at them anyways.

    4. Loyal/Honest

    This would be higher up on my list if this were determinable earlier in a relationship. You can't really tell exactly how loyal someone is until you get to know them better and if you're trying to attract someone, this loyalty would definitely help, but near impossible to prove.

    5. Quiet/Talkative

    This is again personal preference but I don't really mind whether a girl is talkative or quiet, because usually in a relationship, it will most likely end up leaning towards the talkative side. However, when trying to attract a male, I would probably say somewhere in between would be nice. Talkative could be a bit annoying at times depending on what you're talking about (ex. If you're talking to me and flirting, that wouldn't exactly be considered annoying :P). As for quietness, I might think that you're not interested in me if you don't like to talk to me, for obvious reasons.

    Hope that helped.


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