Guys, what are your most favorite clothing brands/styles/articles on girls?

I want to know if there's anything that a girl wears that you really like , or that flatters them , or a brand that you really like on them . So duh , I know every guy is thinking a low cut shirt and short shorts , but be serious . ;)


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  • Confidence is my favorite brand of clothing. Wearing super revealing clothes because you want guys to look show low self-esteem. Girls who wear too much to cover up aren't confident to show off their beautiful bodies. Girls just wear clothes you like, if you want to wear low-cut t's wear them because you want to, not because you want a guy to look. What a guy is really attracted to is your PERSONALITY not your LOOKS. Looks are only important because they give us a glimpse of what's on the inside.

  • i totally agree with the guy below..



    ed hardy shirts look bomb

    and jeans with the tears in them!

    make shure you buy them like that though haha

    matching clothes are always a turn on

    kind of have a theme? ha ha if that makes sense

    and also don't dress too slutty cover up for the most part.

    leave a little room for imagination. ;) hope I could help


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