Traped in a dark box! help.

well OK I have a boyfriend bt I'm not sure I love him still, I just can't stand him no more.

He fights with me like 3 times a day for dumb reasons.

He is always mean gets mad when I don't answer his calls or text back .

makes me feel bad.

blames everything on me

he has good things too he is sweet and nice sometimes but I'm always worried I might say something bad that's why most of the time I'm quiet with him and he notices so he gets sad and mad at me. everything I do is mean to him from his point of view. I don't go out with my friends or anybody because I'm scared he will get really mad. sometimes I want to let him go but I don't want to hurt him. also I really like his causing I know its wrong but I also think he is attracted to me he is way different the bad thing is that he is a party boy and player. I just don't know what to do please help should I forget about the causing and stay with my boyfriend or should I leave him and stay single? p.s my boyfriend is sprung on me he is like gum stuck on my shoe.

i know I'm not the perfect girl I'm willing to change to be a better person I understand it takes two to fight.


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  • you admit having a boyfriend you don't love...sounds like an oxymoron of a statement to make

    you are both being hot/cold to each other...something to fix very easily

    if you love drama and a rollercoaster relationship, then go with the player cousin...if you want something with potential, stick with your current guy...if you don't know what you want, then just be single

    • I hate drama you have no idea. but I feel like my boyfriend makes more drama then a girl on her period .sad but true. I understand I'm not perfect but I'm willing to change

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  • He's looking for an excuse to break up as well. Maybe you should have given him going ahead and cheating!

    If you don't want to go that route, then get out from under this sad state of affairs, rigth now!

    • lol well I really doubt it he wants to brake up he is always saying he loves me he wants to be with me for ever an get married its kind of scarry.

  • A quality is your boyfriend is suppose to bring out is that you can be yourself around him. If you can't do that, dump him.


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  • Honestly, you know the answer to this question. You just need to build up the balls to do it.

    If you're fighting with someone three times a day, it doesn't take more than one brain cell to come to the conclusion that you two should not be together.

    Move on. And NOT to his cousin, that's just f***ed up.

    • Well I've put up with hit anger for about 2 years.

  • If you're NOT SURE if you're in love then you're NOT