That Lovely Extended Eye Contact.. :)

What does it mean! It happens all the time to me in the hallway ill be looking at a girl I think is beautiful, she catches my stare, but doesn't look away. after these moments can you approach them, or do your thoughts remain a mystery,

Whats your opinion? :P


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  • My thoughts are: You think she is beautiful, get to know her.

    If she is looking at you, she will see you approach her, which is beneficial to both you and her.. If she breaks eyecontact, you can walk right past her to someone else - teacher, a friend, her friend, etc.. And it won't be awkward as if you were to tap her on the shoulder and say: "Excuse me, uhmmm. do you mind.. I'm uhh trying to say.. hi? Do you see me?".. Moving forward.. The way it's beneficial to her (if you catch onto her breaking the eyecontact is that she can say: "I was just being friendly, keep moving pal" without opening her mouth to be a bitch, when she really doesn't want to be.

    Now on the lighter side of things; it's my perception that HUMANS, not just women, look at anything that catches interest in a "what-if" factoid in their brain.. "What if" this guy turns out to be my next best friend... "What if" she's the one I've been waiting for.. "What if" I could have sex with him.. etc..

    So anytime you see someone looking at you with those "love-glazed-eyecontacts"; be sure to walk over and with confidence, but with respect, and further introduce yourself.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • she probably likes you lol what are you waiting for go up 2 her and say hi or something and smile

  • If this happens to me I will usually have one of two responses, 1) I like what I'm seeing and I'll stare back...MAYbe smile or 2) I don't like what I'm seeing and I will quickly turn away.

    So unless she rolls her eyes or looks creeped out afterward, I say go for it! ha ha :)

  • maybe she was staring because you were staring


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  • it means she knows your looking. She looks, sees someone looking, stares, and walks off. Congratulations you just showed your interest, and you've given her a pick-me-up. Your just another guy that stares at the pretty girl, nothing special.