I grew up in a bad area?

and was raised to not look people in the eye now that I'm older and in a better area I have a problem making eye contact... and girls look at me and smile all the time (no I'm not being cocky!) and I always look away and then I look back and then they look sad! I don't do it on purpose how can I change this?


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  • start slowly and work your way up.

    start with people that you come into contact with on a dailey basis. practice maintaining eye contact with the bus driver, cashier, mail man, garbage man, the people at your gym, strangers on the street, etc


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  • Force yourself to look them in the eyes. It works wonders. They'll be like "what are you starting at" though which is sort of awkward. Therefore, there must be a technique to it, but I'm not really sure what it is, haha.