Trying to make him look at me the way he did?

This guy may appear to be a loser in your eyes because he likes to dress up in a gangster style and he likes to low ride his jeans to look all cool and stuff even though he's really insecure and a bit of a loner and he is quite miserable looking a lot. Anyway I've made mentioned him before and how he no longer is infatuated with me and he doesn't really want me in his life at all. I am finding ways to win him back like trying to make myself look more beautiful to him and make him look at me like he did when we first met (he was so star struck).

I heard he watches MTV a hell of a lot which over here is just full of reality TV or girls trying to kill each other and guys trying to hook up with more than one girl in the space of two days, I am quite pale and full of freckles and I see all the girls on there that are hot and tanned and those guys definition of perfect and hook up material (and because he watches this type of media of course he's gonna be affected and influenced by it and he will want a perfect girl with no cellulite and no flaws). So I have been feeling really down trying to cover up and lose weight and everything even though I only weigh 50kg I think.

I just want him to look at me like those guys look at those girls and supposedly 'fall in love'. I know I kinda scared this guy away a bit by coming on a bit too much but I wanna fix that but in the meantime make myself look beautiful so that it will keep him thinking 'did I make the right decision when I ditched her and threw her out my life?'

I need to know what you guys think, I would like to know what I could do to get him to look at me and to be as beautiful as the girls he spends his time watching all day


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  • You should try to spend more time with him, and dress up more femininely showing more skin.


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