When should I ask him out?

I was at karate on Wednesday and a guy who I didn't know came in and started class. he looked cute and around my age(im 17). I don't know anything about him but I am thinking of asking him out. I think he is coming to the class from now on because he is almost a black belt I think.

so when should I ask him out?

  • Next time you see him
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  • After you talk to him a bit
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  • Whenever
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  • Other(please explain)
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  • Talk to him a bit, get to know him. But as of now, you're judging him solely based on appearance. Maybe after talking to him, you'll find that you don't like his personality that much. Get to know him, see if you still want to know more about him before asking him out


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  • Maybe flirt, and let him do the asking out,...


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