Why do some guys?

Why do some guys develop an interest in other girls/women even when they (the guys) are already in a relationship, committed to someone, or even married? Why do they try to pursue other females even though they (the guys) are already in some kind of relationship?


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  • They are stupid, have a weak mind, or don't know what they want.

    I call it the "the grass is always greener on the other side" principle.

    This explains why some guys will get with a girl, and at first things will be great and everything, but then he'll meet another girl who is prettier and more fun, and then leave his current girlfriend to be with her.

    This is stupid. Guys like this will never really find love, because there is no such thing as a perfect woman. The grass will ALWAYS be greener on the other side, and so what'll happen is they will spend their entire life jumping from girl to girl, never really knowing what the meaning of true love is.

    Because when you really love someone, it doesn't matter if there's someone else who is better-looking, prettier, and/or more fun than the person you're with. All that matters is that you love that person, and not the other.

    This is something that requires a significant amount of intelligence to realize. Those who don't realize this, will immediately drop the person they are with and persue someone else if they see the chance. They are unreliable, selfish, and cannot be trusted. To them, it seems as though they are in love with you, but they're really not. That's why things are fine the first few weeks or even months of the relationship. But as soon as they meet someone new, you know it! ;3

    Oh and it's not just guys that are like this - girls do it too. Except it's less about the physical sense, and more to do with the guy's attitude, personality and life-style. In my opinion I think girls are a lot more likely to become attracted to someone else, than a guy is. Because with guys, it really is about he physical aspect - it's VERY UNLIKELY that a guy will leave his girl to be with another one who is less attractive. But for girls, the physical part doesn't matter so much. Personality and status is what counts. And unlike physical attributes, you can basically lie about your personality, and make the girl believe you are someone you're not. and she will end up falling for you. Depending on how stupid/weak-minded she is, of course.

    So yeah, that's the reason why guys go around chasing after girls even when they already have one. =) They don't all do it - especially not the smart ones who really know what they want, and actually want a stable relationship with someone. Good luck finding one! ^^


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  • Something different, the challange, not geting enough in the relationship, to see if you still got it, for fun, excitment etc

  • There are a number of reasons, 1. We are genetically predisposed to spread our seed to insure that our bloodline carries on, 2. Variety is the spice of life, 3. We love pussy, 4. The chase is exciting, 5. We tend to not appreciate what we have until we lose it, 6. Men are dogs.


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