Do you think it was hard for him to say goodbye?

My best friend just came back up to Nebraska for the last time to get some stuff out of storage and also to see me one last time before going to college in Kansas. It was so much fun and I really feel like we grew even closer. Well, he just left to drive back down to Kansas & after I walked him to the door he had a duffle bag on one arm and shoes in the other, he said "Ok well I'm not really into hugging.So what do I do, a half hug?" very nonchalantly and like this was no big deal so we just kind of hugged and he left. But inside I was just like "DON'T LEAVE", but I didn't let on. Do you think it was hard for him to say goodbye even though he didn't show it or is this wishful thinking?


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  • It was hard for him to leave. He was hiding his hurt by making a joke about not being affectionate. Time will heal your hurt. He needs to grow as a person and he (and you) will appreciate you letting him.


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  • it might have been hard yah. but he probably has a million other things on his mind. new school, new place to live, new ppl, leaving everyone and everything he knows. he could have just had so much stuff running through his head he didn't show any emotion about leaving.

    in another way of looking at it, he could have already come to terms with leaving and was just ready to get going and just wanted to start a new chapter in his life in kansas,


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