Is there any way to get a bigger but without weight training?

or getting fat because it all goes to my boobs and tummy.

iv been considering implants or fat injections but I can't do it right away


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  • Apart from surgery I don't think there's anything you can do to make your but bigger (with the exception of gaining fat)

    I wouldn't bother though.

    • That sucks.. thanks tho :D

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  • Why would you want a bigger butt anyway. Small butts are nice looking


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  • Squats and lunges baby! Take up yoga, body weight training is the best to pop up the butt muscles. My favorite ass exercise is called a sumo squat. Stand with your feet wider then hip width apart, toes slightly pointed outward, squat down keeping your back straight, chest out, then pop up from the squat and land gently back on your feet. It should be a fluid movement. The lower you get in the squat the higher you will pop up off the ground. (Be sure when you are in squat position that your knees do not go past your toes. That is called forward travel and can injure your knees). The act of popping up from the squat is called pylometrics and will get your heart rate up while toning your butt. Trust me. Do a few minutes of these a few times a day and your jeans will start to look amazing :)

    • What kind of results have you gotten from it? has it actually made your ass bigger or just more toned and round?

    • It lifted making it look bigger, rounder and toned

  • I don't understand why you would want a bigger attracts the ghetto guys and "cholos"

    Other than exercising,not much.Your body shape is always going to remain your body shape as that is where the fat is deposited in your body

    • I don't look proportional I have big boobs and no ass I just look funky. I don't want a big ghetto booty I mostly just want it a little rounder, to fit my body.. if that makes any sence

    • Squats and lunges,and side lunges can be your best friend.It can help build muscle there which can make your butt more defined in a good way.Lunges and squats are something most models and women with nice butts swear by

    • Hmm thank you lots :)

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