When a guy looks at you or looks and then looks away and his eyes get really wide?

just wondering why when this guy looks at me and then when I look at him he looks away with his eyes really wide. does he like me?


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  • This happened to me once. I was walking along a corridor with my friends in front of me. This girl I was completely head over heels for was walking in my direction but she didn't see me as my friends were blocking my view. She had her head turned as she was saying goodbye to her friends and as I stepped to the side, she turned around, whipping her hair around her, with a big smile on her face. At the same time she stepped into the sunlight pouring in from the glass wall beside her. I did the wide-eyed gasp *0* and blubbed like a fish. A little voice in my head went, "laaaaaa!" and the world went slow mo for about 1/2 a second. After that I realized what I was doing and turned away quickly in shock. I thought, "well done, captain obvious". urgh.

  • It can definitely be a sign of interest but you need more than that to say whether he likes you or not. If your interested in him you oughta try to start up a conversation with him and see where it goes, you don't have to be flirty or try to show him your interested, just try to get to know him

    • I'm really shy and I don't know what to do. how do I start a convo with him? and when do I approach him? I wouldn't know what to say! :(

    • Well if your shy it may be hard but you just got to do it. Just something simple though. Maybe a question about something y'all have in common or something that interests him. If y'all have a class together maybe ask him about something in the class. You may want to think about what you'll say before and have some things in mind. Try not to ask just a yes or no question but something he would have to talk about and if he's interested in you he should try to keep the convo going.

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