I look like an 11 year old?

I'm 5" 3' or 4' and petite. Whenever a guy talks to me he always ask my age first. I think it's funny, but is it a turn off when a 16 year old looks like a kid. I get put into the cute type. I know I'm not the only one, but I wonder if it makes some guys feel like a pedophile. O-o


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  • It's hard to tell how old girls are. a lot of guys ask because it's hard to tell and they just want to be sure of your age. But I think it should be a compliment that people think you are young. when yo uget older people will think you are younger which is a good thing. If I ask a girl how old she was I don't think it makes me look bad. It's just a good thing to know. How do you feel when people say you look younger?


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