I thought she liked me, but maybe she likes someone else instead. What do you think?

I met this girl at college last Monday and we hit off really well. We later went out on Sunday to lunch, among other things. Everything seemed to go well: she was constantly smiling, always giggling, let me lightly touch her, constantly fidgeting with her hands/playing with hair, and even said "Let's get together again!" at the end of the day.

I met her (and her friend) today at the school club we both go to every week. We talked for a bit and things went well: she sat next to me, put her foot against mine and kept it there (she let me do the same to her), was smiling/giggling, and her friend let slip "Her classes let out earlier on Tuesday and Thursday, so maybe she'll be free Thursday."

Then three guys walked by, saying goodbye to her friend. One of them said to the girl next to me "Your name is (name) right?" which got a "Yes" and a giggle. He left and she looked in the direction he left for a few seconds, giggling, then her friend looked at her and they giggled together.

It was only a few seconds and the conversation recovered quickly, but it still discouraged me. I've already asked a few friends: one says it's clear she has a crush on him, not me. Another says she likes me and it's the girl equivalent of a guy staring at a hot girl when with the girl he really likes. What do you think?


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  • She probably likes both of you but I'd say you have a better shot since you two have already hung out and all. And she might have looked his way on purpose just a little but to make you slightly jealous. I wouldn't give up on her just yet if I were you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe be confident and keep trying, no need to be jealous only makes you insecure and unattractive. Only one way to find out try see if it goes anywhere she will decide what she prefers more.

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