Cute flirty texts. GUYS what do you like to hear?

Anyone have any cute flirty text ideas... Guys what do you like to hear?


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  • Im so wet, dripping wet...

    followed by

    i just got out of the shower hope you are thinking clean.

    • I love it (: I don't know if I'll use it... but thanks for the laugh(:

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  • From scratch:


    1) I like hearing / seeing my name

    2) I love it when they have my best interests in mind (Don't repeatedly text when I'm in class)

    3) I like it when the text is either cute/funny/or otherwise entertaining.

    4) I hate overly exaggerated texts (e.g. "I can't believe how much I miss you my amazing wonderful superb fabulous love of my life, I really can't bare another 15 minutes without you" - reason: Most of the time the actions don't live up to the words)


    So my examples include:

    1) "John, I just realized how much I love you."

    2) "Thank you for being part of my life john, you make each day resemble a new reason of why I crawl out of bed.. other than to wrestle my alarm clock"

    3) "Hey I came across your number in my phone and it had the name as "sexy" but I can only remember the sweet-caring-respectful guy that it belongs to.. What was your real name again? ;)"

    4) "Hey handsome, I'm looking forward to seeing you today"

    And believe it or not, when you are standing right next to him, text him:

    5) I am HOT for you right now...

    You'd never believe how many times #5 has put me in the mood.


    ~ ArtistBBoy


  • See this for some very funny examples of messages you can send -


  • Anything. It doesn't matter what. If a girl is texting me, I'm extremely happy.


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  • Be funny, witty and keep it short and concise. Don't go overboard with emoticons like :) :D =D xD >.< <3 because those can creep guys out.

    Good luck.

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