Do guys like this?

Do you guys like it when a girl wears dark eye makeup?

The thick line of black eyeliner on the top, or brown either way. Some mascara, maybe = fake eyelashes, and some eye shadow?

here are some examples.




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  • At night
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I noticed I gave you night looks what about this one? link
What if I wore this look at a pool party? like at 3 pm?


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  • I chose C.

    If you are at a club or at a late night party, this type of make-up is hot. On a more regular base, it's a little too much. I prefer more of a natural make-up during the day as oppose to the night.

    However, it also depends on the girl. If you like this type of make-up anytime, anwhere. Then that's up to you.


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What Guys Said 2

  • i voted C, reasons I'm a sucker for a sexy/cute/big. well lets just say I'm a sucker for eyes lol. but that look is more a night out. on the weekend kinda thing. defenatly not something you want to put on to just chill with friends or go to work in eh?

    • That updated pic is sexy. but like I said I'm a sucker for eyes and do perfur the updated one than the night on the town ones

  • it has to be done right and not all girls can pull it off.


What Girls Said 4

  • personally, as a girl.i wear make-up . and these would look like a night party thing. if you catch a girl wearing make-up [too much-goin' all out] to the simplest place. you know its like dang she always wears this.wonder what she looks like without it?

    and if your with a guy .no need to put the other face on he already loves you.for you!


  • i wouldn't wear it to a pool party.

    but sometime in the evening is a good time

    to put some on

    i usually just wear the typical eyeliner with mascara

  • that's cute.but at a pool party. no make-up .it'll just get smudged.go all natural. you'll still look worries! :)

    • I know I decided last night I wasn't going too, I was gonna do it cause there was gonna be like a whole big party theme kinda thing, but you're right. I'll go natural.

    • I understand.. how guys you wanna look your best..hahaha I would probably do the same.. but after swimming.. throw some moose in your hair..with that make-up..sure to wow! them.. you can be like natural "partying" side..

      hope you had fun!

    • Hey good idea. thanks!

      It's not until tuesday, but yah thanks!

  • It reallly depends on the girl. It suits some while it makes some cute

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