Can a girl be pretty without long hair?

I honestly feel quite insecure and a bit let down that several men prefer longer hair on girls. Many insist that it's more beautiful or more feminine than short hair and it makes a woman attractive.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this idea personally. I don't believe hair length defines a woman's beauty. I believe it would be her style and etiquette- inside and out. It isn't her hair length or natural appearance. Each individual defines beauty in their own perception, but one thing a vast majority may find appealing may not be so appealing to someone else.

I feel that long hair can be feminine, if and only if the lady herself is feminine. If she were masculine and just wore ponytails or buns all the time, it may deter from her femininity. A woman with short hair can look and appear feminine as well. Marilyn Monroe was one of the most desired and sought after women in her time, and her hair was about shoulder length; not too short or too long, but it was certainly not the norm of what modern society finds "appealing."

I am very discouraged by this and I have cconsidered wearing extensions to extend my hair, but I've heard that a lot of men prefer naturally long hair, which discourages and upsets me considering that while my hair is capable of growing out to waist length due to my genetics, it will take a considerably prolonged period to grow that long and I wish I perhaps had long hair grown out already currently but it's witnessed excessive heat damage over the years and certainly isn't going to regain its length overnight. I am rather impatient in regards to hair growth, and I would love long hair currently... but I feel that I wouldn't be doing it for me, but simply for the approval of men. And I feel that perhaps it mustn't be that way. I have found myself being really jealous of long haired girls and wishing to be them. I wish I could let go of this mindset, but it's hard to when so many men care so much about appearance.
Can a girl be pretty without long hair?
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