Why can't I get a boyfriend?

I'm a very gorgeous girl, I have a nice body, I'm athletic, I am sweet, funny, flirty and outgoing. I'll go on dates with guys, and it seems after I'm seeing a guy for a month or so, all they want is sex. And I don't put out, so they leave.. what am I doing wrong? why can't I get a boyfriend?


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  • What kinds of guys do you usually date? Do you have a "type?" As far as sex goes, if I were dating a girl for a month and we didn't do anything I would think she was just leading me on & I would bail.

    • Well, I don't really have a type. I like them all.but the past two guys who have done this to me; one was a football player at my school & the other was a swimmer. I dated a skater/smoker type guy for 6 months and he was a great boyfriend, but I broke up with him cause I thought I wanted more.. that was about 7 months ago..

      so when your talking to a girl for like a month like not technically dating, do you guys have sex?

      i just don't want to be called a whore or them to get the wrong impression

    • Why did you break up with the "great boyfriend" and what "more" did you think you could get out of the football/swimmer jocks?

      As far as sex goes I don't have sex with girls I'm not "dating" but I did when I was younger. The thing about that is sex can't make a relationship which is why a lot of people will date for a week/month, have sex and then break up. The attraction between them was just sexual, and once that's out of the way you don't have anything else.

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  • it's not you, you're not doing anything wrong. it's the guys you're dating.

    • Well how do I get away from these types of guys and get a real guy?

    • Get outside of your usual social circle and hang outs

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