How important is physical attraction?

Lets say you met this guy you liked everything about his personality he made you laugh and he was everything you wanted! but you weren't physically attracted to him. what would you do? you like who he is as a person and you never thought you would find a boyfriends that had his personality but he isn't physically attractive what would you do? He isn't ugly to most people you just don't find him cute?


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  • If it were me I would probably find him more attractive the more I hung out with him. One of my longest relationships was with a guy who a lot of other girls thought was cute and who I didn't think was ugly, I just didn't think he was cute. We ended up hanging out a few times anyways because he was hilarious and nice, in the end I thought this guy was super cute and was with him for four years. Looks are nice but if a guy can make me laugh I am pretty much defenseless!

    • EXACTLY! A guy (or girl) gets more attractive the more I know him and like him. And it works both ways- a hot guy can go from 10-0 if he opens his mouth and is an a**.

    • Yeah, but I've talked about this with guy friends and from what they tell me, this only happens with us girls.

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