First texting a girl?

when you first text a girl what's the best thing to do? Should I say hey what's up "her name"? or something else because I don't want to seem boring lol.


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  • firstly we girls love getting a good morning text or a night sleep tight ly text

    second you don't always have to use her name, saying something like hun babe babes or baby can also be used

    also be the one to text her first it shows you are thinking about her and want to talk to her, if she has to keep starting the convos she will think you are not interested

    find out how she is first then say what you been up too act cool just text her like you would text your guy mates but not too slangy and remember kisses on the end always helps, play it safe at first 2or3 if you get them back add another if she adds another keep doing it until she stops adding that's when you know how far you can take it

    • I agree! also a hey cutie! or an inside joke or reference to something that happened recently between you two is a good opener

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  • I love when a guy includes my name in a message, whether its FB chat or a text message. Saying what's up is a pretty safe way of talking to her for the first time, unless you know a specific topic that will get her talking. I FB chatted the guy I like last night asking what he thought about the election and if it was entertaining enough for him, because I knew that would get a positive response.

    At any rate, unless it's just me, type her name. Most people don't do that in text messages and it always makes me smile when the guy writes my name. I know he's sending the text just to ME and not to other girls.

  • I love hearing --reading-- my name. A "hey what's up" might be a little boring... more like the girl thinks you're bored and you just wanted to talk to someone.. Maybe say you were thinking about her? thought you'd see what was going on?

  • no that's not boring. ask her what she's up to


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