Boyfriend is a crossdresser I think?

ok my boyfriend and I have been together for along while well one nite we got drunk and he put on one of my thongs and was joking around of course but then the next morning he left with my thong even tho I didn't no he did well about 2 days later I saw him and he acted kinda weird around me. well when he turned around to walk away I glanced and saw that he had my thong on.idk if I should confront him about it or just not say anything I'm at a loss for words should I embrace this and support him or what?


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  • The fact that they are your underwear gives you the right to ask for them back. This boy obviously has something going on. Wearing women's underwear, especially out in public, is not something every guy does. If I were you, I would ask him why he was wearing your panties. If he tells you the truth and you can handle it, then everything should be ok.

    but, if he denies wearing them and you are still convinced he had them on, then I suggest you end the relationship. If he lies to you then he is hiding something and that would not be healthy for you or the relationship.

    You are both still young so there is still much for you two explore out in the world. If you are not comfortable then move on.


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  • Just ignore it. Guys love panties (even though girls don't get it). So every guy goes through a phase where they want to play with panties (some, like me never get over it). But most likely he is just exploring something.

    Now if you come over and find him in your bra, panties, skirt and camisole. then you should worry:)

    Even if he does like to cross dress, its actually pretty normal and common and has nothing to do with his sexuality.

    • I wouldn't say every guy goes through a phase where they want to play with panties. If so I haven't been there yet. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the kid choosing to wear the panties, but I definitely would not say it is something every boy goes through.

    • To NotSoBad.... I bet you have played with panties in one way or another... I'm sure that if you've ever had a girlfriend and you've actually had sex then she'd have put sexy underwear on at some point. Whether you have or have not put them on yourself is not the point. The fact is that like it or not you have got enjoyment out of her panties. Some just take it a little further than others. It's quite harmless but is very sexual. And for the record, no I'm not gay

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  • Maybe it's some weird way that he's getting off. Like the guy before me said.I wouldn't worry about it unless you catch him in full costume!

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