Is it possible to buy actual good wigs?

My hair line is receding and I'm only 17! You know I have enough problems and don't need this sh*t.. Some of it is probably stress related :(

I am not comfortable with going bald seriously.. I am healthy at the moment.. Plus I'm about to be off of school for 2 months so I think I will not shampoo, comb or dry my hair with a towel and see if that helps.

But it's going to fall eventually.. I tried searching for wigs but only cheap wigs or costume wigs come up...

Can I get an actual stylish wig? Or can they be custom made?

I would look so bad bald seriously.


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  • personally, I would find it really stupid if you were to wear a wig. just go bald and accept it. you can also try hair growth products like Biotin and take vitamin e. Try not using really hot water and switch to a shampoo that is more sensitive for your hair. Plus if you choose to still continue on getting a wig I suggest you to get a human hair , why? because its natural looking "human hair" you can style it and wash it and don't get the cheap synthetic ones because it looks obviously fake and too much shine. lmaoo I have no idea why I know so much about wigs and I don't even wear one but yea hoped I helped :)

    • How about you let me shave you bald. :)

      And I would get a human hair wig but I don't know where to get one.

    • Hahaha yeaa right, took me 2 years to grow out my hair, and you can try sally's beauty. you should watch muffinismylovers she knows a lot about wigs

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  • Don't worry. Being bald isn't so bad... My dad started getting bald a little later than you and seriously, he got SO many girls. He has like six photo albums filled with past girlfriends... O_o But if you REALLY want to get a wig, I suggest you go to a really good hair salon / maybe a barber shop, but I've never stepped foot in one so I'm not sure, and ask them if they know of any wigs for men. If you don't think you'll ever be happy with your appearance without a wig, then go for it. :) Also, shampoo, condition and comb your hair... Or it will be very gross. The hair is on its way out anyway. Try massaging your head, it will stimulate your scalp and maybe help your hair stay longer. :) Also, look up supplements that can make your hair healthier, then go out and buy the quantities you need because hair grows faster and thicker when it's at its healthiest. Good luck! :)

  • try rogaine and visit a dermatologist! it could be a hormone imbalance or a bad diet!

    i have a crush on this guy who is balding too and I don't really care he's hot!


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