Why is he talking about other girls?

so, I've been flirting with this guy for awhile, and I've kind of determined he's shy and, because I am also, it just hasn't happened yet.

there's this one thing he does, though, where he talks about girls in the restaurant we work at. it always goes, 'yeah, she's cute/pretty/whatever' but then he talks about how he doesn't find her to be hot or sexy, and basically she's just not what he wants.

why is he doing this? I feel like we have intense chemistry but I feel like I'm being scored on what seems to be a rigid scale.


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  • I think that what he is trying to do here is to show you that he can appreciate and rate or say about woman/girl that she is pretty. But in the meantime she may be interested in you as well and does not want to "lose"you therefore he is not saying that everything is so perfect about them.


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