Dated, broke up, last-time sex, just friends, and now he's behaving weird...why?

I dated this guy a few months ago. We broke it off mutually and stopped talking for about a month. We saw each other once in June and only as friends. This August, we saw each other again, but this time stuff happened. Sex happened.yeayea.and at the end of the night I gave him a kiss on the cheek when he went for the lips. The next day, we talked it over and said none of that should have ever happened. I have been acting very neutral and hiding my feelings about it. However, I've been showing my friendship to him from thereon forward, sending him casual texts and emails, which he does reply to. Then I went to go visit him today at the fish store (his work) to tell him some good news, and the whole time, he appeared to be avoiding me. He did say hi but besides that, he wouldn't look at me or make any effort to to strke any conversation. As I was saying goodbye I went for a hug, he wouldn't even look at me in the eyes and just said congrats, see you later. What's wrong with him? Not one smile!


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  • I am pretty sure he is embarrassed. Its sometimes hard for a guy to look at a girl after they both agreed the sex shouldn't have happened. Just keep trying to be friendly, but I would play low and start looking for other prospects. If he wants to see you he will find a way. Or he might have feelings for you and when yall decided that none of that should of happened, deep down he was dissappointed/upset, and he resented it, but he doesn't want you to know this, so he can't bear to look at you, since you might see the truth in his eyes. This is what I would guess.that he really does like you, so maybe you should just ask him. Good luck!