Do all well off men like women who have had plastic surgery?

i have noticed that most men who are financially well off often date or marry a woman with way too much plastic surgery, or buy women surgery. don't really know why? I am a fairly well off female and sure I have had one procedure but I don't go crazy with it. I am still natural looking and I look pretty good! if you are a well off male, can you please tell me? I have friends who are doctors and big business owners and almost every single one of them has bought a girl breast implants lol. what is rich men's fascination with plastic surgery and the women who want it?


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  • Many a rich people have a big ego, are a control freak (as anonymousdude pointed out), for guys they usually wear a facade in public (to impress/to generate more riches/to create jeolousy/show off/...), for girls usually a bitch with sharp claws, and whip the poor with their money. In short, whatever money can buy, in particular, anything that enhance their ego, from a show house to show kids, it is up their ally. Plastic surgery is one of them.

    But mind you, they can be having "hapiness", because it is only natural for rats to get along well with rats, and birds with birds.


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  • "what is rich men's fascination with plastic surgery and the women who want it?"

    the men, who are rich and control a lot of things, want to control exact how the girl looks. the girl, who probably likes the guy for a rather part because he's rich, is willing to do it to stay will a guy who can do and buy just about anything for her

    it's a match made in shallow people heaven


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  • Most men as a rule say they would rather have a girl with awesome natural boobs (well duh, who wouldn't?) but that's the problem. How many girls are there out there with perfect t*ts and a personality to match? Not many.

    That's why well off men usually go find themselves a woman who is compatible with them on all other aspects. And then through a combination of the woman's own aspirations to look better and his desire for a better looking mate (as well as the societal pressure for rich men to be with beautiful women), he will end up paying for her surgery.

    If a man chooses a women who has already had a lot of work done, it is likely that she already socializes in those circles and that's where he picked her up from... either there or a strip club.