How do I talk to him?

OK so I've seen this guy in school a lot and I have this huge crush on him./ I don't even know his name. what should I do to get to know him. or how should I introduce myself?


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  • if you so happen to be next to him in the lunch line, or a class, or SOMETHING just strike up a random conversation starting with something as simple as complimenting.. "Hey I like your shoes" or "Hey do you have Mrs. Whatsherface for chemistry?" or "Isn't your name ____?/ Don't you play______ sport?"

    I've had a guy come up to me and say "Youre a really good runner"

    Really it doesn't have to be extravagant! Be confident..

    You only live once right? :) You got this!

  • b brave, introduce yourself:)

    OR you could tlk to people you know that also know him, you know.. get the "scoop"! :)

    guys like confident girls, so don't be shy, what have you ot to lose?\hope this helps!

    you should answer mine! its down farther in relationships! :) thnxs!

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