Girls: If you were a girl who was only slightly above average in looks, and you knew it, BUT?

Men all around you fall all over you, and have been nearly your whole life, and you've seen women MUCH MUCH hotter than you get practically ignored by men, and even at your work you see this happen not only to ignore the women hotter than you, but to ignore them and talk to you., Would you still think its because of your looks or would you think it was something else?

Ok ill add this, to make it more clear.

Suppose if you are also not conceited, and were super nice and sweet.

And were told every now and then that men like you because of your personality and how sweet you are.


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  • She probably wouldn't know why. Or chalk it up to being nice. Or maybe not know at all that guys like her more then any other girl.

    The reality is, 98% of the time, that girl doesn't exist.

    There are plenty of girls I know who are above average, and nice, and sweet, and smart, and funny- but guys look to those 'hot' girls time and time again.

    • I know, its bullsh*t. That's why I'm crazy about her.

    • Wow, that's awesome. Make sure you like her for her and not because she seems high in demand. :)


    • I have to admit its both. but its WAY more because she's super feminine and girly. I swear to god she sh*ts rainbows, and dreams in cartoons.

      And I told her that.

      Physically she's not my type, but I can't help myself. Its like she's got so much mojo I'm hypnotized!

  • i'm not the girl you described. but I would imagine that they would think it's strictly their looks. I've known some very conceited average looking girls who think they are beautiful


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