When a man tells a woman he's never met that she's beautiful?

Is he a player? There is a new man at work who I took one look at and immediately assumed was out of my league--Very handsome, so much so that he made me nervous so I basically avoided him all day but towards the end of our shift he approached me and told me that even when I was just standing around I looked "beautiful". It wasn't creepy, just sweet. I'm not used to men being so immediately forward and was so stunned that I didn't even respond. Now it's got me wondering. Why would a man say that to a woman he hasn't even formally met? Just to say it? Player? Interested?


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  • I bet if he was ugly and said that you'd think he was a creep.

    He might like you, he might just be complimenting you. You'll have to spend more time around him to tell for sure.

    • If he was "ugly" I probably wouldn't have taken the time to ask this question, but I wouldn't have thought he was a creep.

    • Doesnt that prove women are shallow?

    • No. It proves I'm shallow. Try not to make sweeping generalizations.

What Girls Said 1

  • He is attracted to you physically. But then again, it is something what we call 'an ice breaker'. Sometimes when someone is so attracted to someone of the opposite gender but don't know how to approach her, they will come up with something just to want to talk i.e ice breaker conversation...and since he has already break the ice, why don't you just talk to him in friendly manner?

    • Yeah he probably didn't think "hi" would have been enough. he could have been thinking you were out of his league, as well. so..he just came right out and said it, just to see how youd react, he could be interested but..hard to know, I mean that's all he's said so far, so how could we know

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