What are her intentions? How should I react?

About half a year ago I had this thing going with a girl and due to reasons we lost touch and left a lot unspoken. A month ago her mother came up to me and the me she thought I was the cutest and she wanted me as a son in law so I told her how I thought about her daughter. Almost two weeks ago the girl suddenly comes up to me all dressed up and asks me for my digits and tells me she'll contact me in the coming week. I still haven't heard from her.

I do have her email/messenger and she seems online a lot more.

Anyway is she just trying to get me to chase her and contact her on messenger, playing hard to get or just being a player (which I can't imagine her)? I just don't seem to know how to handle this one. Any suggestions?


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  • Maybe she thought you wouldn't want to get back with her. Since you told her mom how you felt she was more confident to come up to you. I would email her...be a little casual...she if she is up for a dinner or drinks.


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