What does he want?

I need some clarity. I just reconnected with this younger guy who I hadn't seen for three years. We were close friends and I always felt a deep connection. I was married at the time, and I still am. He is married now, and yet he came back to find me and he is hanging out with me twice every week on my break from work. I didn't have any contact with him all these years, but after he showed up again, I feel the same undercurrent between us. Even more so now. A couple of times I have seen something in his eyes, but can't figure it out. He looks at me so intently when we talk. I can't help wondering why he's back; why he keeps coming back every week to chat, joke around.

Sometimes he gets close with an excuse, or touches my hand casually. Am I reading too much or too little? Other than chatting and some flirting at times, there's nothing going on (except his telling me how much he likes my scent and that he thinks I'm beautiful--which he hadn't said once before). However, he also mentions his W, whom I know as well. What does he want from me?

Thank you so much in advance guys!


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  • He wants you!!! Be careful chances are he is not happy with a lot of things...sexually and otherwise...if you do not want to cheat on your husband STAY AWAY because if you don't you will eventually fall into it. The grass is always greener on the other side and when marriage is involved there is a lot of work and commitment...I am not judging...I cheated and I know how it goes...ruined a lot of things. Being with you there are no dishes to clean or bills to pay or problems to fix...just the smell of your sweet perfume and looking into your beautiful eyes...WAKE UP!!


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  • "Except his telling me how much he likes my scent and that he thinks I'm beautiful."

    Why do you need people on the internet to reinforce what you already know?

    "I'm a girl and the guy loves hearing about stuff I have to say."

    It's obvious and you are married. Like others have said, talk to him?

  • He wants your sex...period!!

    No, seriously, I think he would like to have a side romance with you, but he is afraid of blowing the opportunity, so wants you to gets his signs and do the first move.

    But be clear on this: he wants a side romance; otherwise he would be straightforward and would take the risk of a direct proposal.


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  • He might be into you even though he's married. Ask him if he's interested and if he replies yes, say (if you are) I like you too, but it's unfair to your spouse so if you love me, you need to end it because it's unfair to her. If you don't like him that way say... thanks but that means you're being unfair to your wife. I'm uninterested honestly and I want you to know but I don't want you to be hurt. Maybe we can be friends?

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