Why there are guys who are only after the looks of the women?

I couldn't get the point why some men are only after to the physical looks before loving the person.. Is it all that matters to fall for someone?


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  • No not at all. You've just been exposed to a cross section of society, who is immature, superficial, and over the top vain in nature. There are good people everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look in other areas besides the places that you've already been to.

    Physical attraction can only go so far, once the lust factor wears off, there has to be something else that keeps a person's interest right? The answer is personality. If a person doesn't have substance or some other connection to a person than just the physical, then that relationship won't last.

    Relationships based upon sex are not really relationships at all. They are glorified friends with benefits scenarios, which can end up one of two ways:

    -One person ends up developing stronger feelings, while the other person doesn't see it the same way

    -One person starts getting involved with another person for NSA stuff, and the other FWB gets jealous.

    You have to think about the way you worded your question, too. Some men do look at just the physical aspect of a girl, but a select amount of girls also desire the physical aspect. It works both ways, but is seen more as a problem with guys because we are always accused of "Trying to get one thing." Whereas in reality, girls want it just as bad as guys do, but the girls are more subtle about there sexual desires.


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  • Its not everything but it is important. It is scientifically proven that facial features play a major role in attraction, whether it be that a girls eyes are comforting or her smile is warm and welcoming, physical features, whether you like it or not, are deeply rooted in the laws of attraction.

  • read this I found it helped me understand a little why the sexes are so diffirent



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