Sometimes I think all he wants is a ONS other times I don't know?

We've known each other for years but not that well. He's stayed in contact with me even though I moved away and we don't meet anymore. He has told me he's shy and continuously texts when he's drunk. These texts have varied from him saying I'm yours, I want you, just one night,a text of x's, I think you're amazing, I think I'm in love with you and of course I love you. He has told me(when sober,lol) he thinks I'm funny, easy to talk to and genuine. We've never had any kind of hook up, ever. He has never mentioned a single thing about my appearance apart from you're a sexy woman. We have had phone sex once.He has always contacted me on my bday, xmas, new years etc. He sends a lot of random funny texts and contacts me to see how life is. If I text him he will always respond or return my call if he misses it. I don't know what he wants so has anybody got any idea? Guys if you were in his shoes what would you mean by all this, ONS or what?


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  • He likes having you around for the attention you give him. He can keep you on the sidelines and contact you when he wants. Don't sit around waiting for him, you're best looking for love elsewhere.

    • I'm not the type of girl to sit around waiting for someone least of all some guy but thank you for you're concern. I have thought that it was an ego boost but he gives me a lot more attention than I give him

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