Need advice regarding ex girlfriend?

I went out with this girl for 3 months, and she left me, for some stupid reasons, things that could have been sorted out if she just talked to me. 2 months after the break-up we became friends. Things was a bit awkward in the beginning, but soon things went better. I was totally over her when we became friends again and now I like her again and want her back, but I am not desperate.

The thing is, the last couple of weeks it's almost deja vu, certain things she says and do is identically what she said and do just before we got together the first time, i.e: I am very ticklish, something she did a lot when we were together, she started to poke me again, and yes by only poking me it is ticklish and she will say things like she likes my style if I did something, things she did just before we got together the first time.

I bought an LCD TV last week, and out of the blue she wants us to celebrate it with a pizza and DVDs night.

I want her back, she is really an awesome girl, and I am not the type that falls for every girl I see. Lets just say even though there are plenty fish in the sea, I basically like the coelacanth. The type of girls I like is very rare and almost extinct.

What should I do?


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  • As much as you don't want to play hard to get with her, you are gonna have to, to see if she is playing games with you. Some women feed off the attention of other men, to build their confidence or they hang out with guys that they know, like them.


    You can tell her straight up that when she jokes with you it reminds you of what you two used to be like. Even though you two are friends, she is still the last person you were interested in.


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  • I agree with the below you sound like a safe hatch and she knows how you feel about her trust me fall back and don't fall into the circle you are on the edge of


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  • just ask her if she is interested in you, and if she is, then ask her why you should trust her not to do the same sh*t