Guys, Is this Attractive For A Casual Everyday Hair Style?

I alternate leaving my hair down and up and I've been doing this hair style a lot instead of a pony tail. I was wondering if it is a turnoff at all


thanks for the input guys! It's not a way I wear my hair everyday, it's just what I've been doing when I don't have time to do my hair down, or when I'm having a bad hair day. It's a low bun a little bit to the right side, with different wavy pieces out.


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  • Not a fan, your facial structure would work for the haircut but I'd favor the hair a bit longer.shoulderheight length, lose and wavy like in your 2007 pic.

    However in this specific picture, it looks like she doesn't take care of her hair properly which makes it hard to say if it'd suit you.

  • Not a big fan personally. But what makes a good hairstyle has a lot to do with your facial structure and the type of hair you have, so it'd be hard to tell if it looks good on you without seeing it on you.

    • Your picture reminds me of Monsters Inc, 'cause of the yellow hat they have to wear when they're sending in their monster to a room. xD

  • no that's gross


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