How to be attractive to a really pretty girl?

She seems like a nice girl on my floor, and is very pretty. I haven't talked to her much at all because I've been kind of busy. She added me on facebook the other day.

I would consider myself an average looking guy with a nice cut body. I have integrity, am a good guy, am funny and athletic.

What kinds of things can I do to be attractive to her? I have to be different from the other guys right?


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  • On the contrary, we nice girls like guys who are natural - those who need not to impress girls with their physique, intelligence, or shiny cars. We like guys who seem to be stable, confident but not cocky, and yeah the "good guy, am funny and athletic" traits are perfect.

    Nice, pretty girls used to getting a lot of admirers. So I'd say, keep your cool. Be yourself. Stick to being the "average-looking guy with a nice cut body".

    Good Luck!


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