What makes a man unattractive?

low self esteem, bad hair, overweight, no money?


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  • All of the above.

    Also, I'll add Mr. Anon User's comments from link I take no credit whatsoever.

    "Women have an easier advantage, women just have to look good, they just have to be hot, they just have to be pretty, they just have to be born cute, that's all, nothing else, a girl can be bratty, be a boring person, have no life, have no friends, have low self-esteem, little or no confidence, not be involved in anything, have no passion for anything, no goals, whine, complain, mope all the time, be a bitch, overall, be negative everything, but if she is at least very hot, guys will still accept her.

    (!) In order for us guys to be boyfriend material, we have to walk right, sit right, stand right, breathe right, think right, talk right, have the right attitude, the right mindset, the right social skills, the right conversation skills, the right mentality, the right way of thinking, we have to have a life, have friends, or just interesting, fun friends, have the life of the party, we have to be high status, have high social status, it comes down to the words, sentences, that come out of our mouth. (!)

    You could say that women love talkers, men love bodies, it's way easier to attract people with your body than it is with your social skills and conversation skills, words and sentences that come out of your mouth, because with words and sentences, it takes time, it takes hours, weeks, or months to build attraction within the girl. You could attract somebody with your looks and body in the snap of a finger, in an instant!"

    So yeah, that sums it up, all thanks to Anon in that question.


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  • all the above plus much more

  • Mhm, those things are unattractive usually.. so is bad breath, uncleanliness (unhygienic), awfully crooked teeth (for me anyways), just being stupid.. cockiness, no sense of humor... the list goes on. lol

  • Low self-esteem , bad manners, bad humor, curses a lot.


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