Is it weird/annoying that I constantly take note of how short my friends' and family's shorts are?

So I've personally always been a pants-only person ever since I was like 14-15... I only wear shorts if it's to the beach or pool, but other than that, literally never. Even though I live in Florida, and it can get hot at times. At that point I usually just wear more flowy, workout type loose pants.

But since I personally only wear pants, I take more note of people wearing shorts... and if their shorts go more than a hand above the knee, I have a habit of when greeting them to go, "Dang dude/girl! Those are some really short shorts! Someone gonna call the modesty police up in here, or you might get a sunburn on your legs!" as I give them a brofist or a high five. Which happens pretty often, since this is Florida, after all. I do this to both close friends and family members (my siblings and cousins, not mom/dad or aunts/uncles). And I do it to both males and females, if it matters.

Note, I don't keep constantly bringing it up, but when I first look at someone the first thing I notice is their clothing... and since I myself never show any leg, I notice when people show a lot of leg. That's all, lol.

Almost everyone is rather cool with it. They either just laugh or say something alone the lines of, "It's Florida, of course I'm gonna wear short shorts", or "Yep... and what are you doing in long pants on such a hot day?", or "This is regular length, what are you talking about dude? Haha."

But one of my female friends the other day was like, "Dear god, can you please stop bringing up the shorts thing every time you see me? I get it, you only wear pants, I prefer to wear shorts! I know you mean no offense, but it's honestly just getting annoying, and it's pretty weird, too! Like Jesus, have you never seen bare legs before? It's fucking Florida!"

And though we're still on good terms, she hurt my feelings, and made me re-consider my habits... I've gotten so used to it, and it feels so natural and right to do... but if it's weird and/or annoying, maybe I should stop... :(
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  • Very weird

    • You think so? Well I guess my friend was right. Sometimes we do things without realizing how weird it is... since I only wear pants, I take extra note of bare legs... but I guess verbually pointing it out is a bit weird... :(

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