What do you guys think of the people on this sight?

pick a chick and a dude for each

1. whos the nicest

2. whos the best looking

3. whos the rudest

4. whos the most helpful

5. most annoying


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1)Nermalinda/Obligations/artistBboy

    2)I'm tempted to say Eddymetal just cause we all know how much he loves it.

    3)I've met some really rude people on this site, I don't really remember their names truth be told

    4)From an objective standpoint. Brando/ArtistBboy/Evangelina/Selfishstars, more often then not I can relate to what they are saying and simply don't have to answer questions when they have.

    5)"Am I pretty/rate 1-10" question askers.


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What Guys Said 2

  • 1)

    Guy: KarKingJack

    Girl: TheStrangeOne


    Guy: Brando

    Girl: TheStrangeOne/ambermarie/Juliana777/amilleman


    Guy: Me, but just because in this day and age honesty is considered rude.

    Girl: Evangelina, for the same reason as me. I actually think she's cool.


    Guy: ArtistBboy

    Girl: Evangelina


    Guy: Me

    Girl: Idk...

  • Out of what?

    • It's the weekly who wants to suck who's d*** question on GAG again

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    • Why do they have terrible taste?

    • Read the thread '5 superficial things that turn you off', or something. Basically every answer describes me, LOL.

What Girls Said 1

  • I can't think of one for all of them, but here goes.

    1. No idea, anyone can come across as nice on the internet. 'karkingjack' below is fair nice and funny in his answers

    2, most don't have real pics to judge by..

    3. umm, 'i hate work', and 'big d***us', but they're rude in a good way and actually pretty funny

    4. 'ArtistBboy', 'selfishstars', 'evangelina' (cause she's brutally honest), that's all I can think of off the top of my head

    5. The guy that keeps asking girls in new jersey to kick him in the balls, the guy that keeps saying his friend caught him wearing pink panties, that girl that has posted like 1000 questions about how she needs to lose her virginity soon or else she's doomed but still hasn't and continues to ask questions all the time about it, and every person who has posted a 'am I pretty? rate me out of 10' question.

    • LOL, +500. And thanks. I'd probably say some charming stuff I wasn't like. Y'know. Y'knowwwww. Suffering the effects of sleep deprivation, and medication, or something, LOL.

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    • For 5, don't forget the anonymous 25-29 year old guy who lately keeps obsessively inquiring about female preference in male underwear, in like a million different ways.

    • LOL, did you see the recent thread that linked to an article with pictures of the guy asking the kick in balls question?

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