Why is he doing this?

This guyOkay so there's this guy (obviously) that we are sorta friends but not really because on the bus he would always say hi to me while smiling and waving sometimes and I would smile and say hi back. But after a few weeks or 2 months (not too sure) he stopped doing that and just glances/stares at me. At first I just liked him as a friend but then the staring sort of changed that, I guess. And so he would always stare at me. Then one day as usual he's glancing at me but when we were supposed to get off the bus, I got out of my sit and he was staring into my eyes and I can't explain it! He was sorta smiling but not really and I don't know it sorta looked like he liked me but I can't explain it so please help!

Why is he doing this?


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  • Yes, he probably likes you. That's why he's looking at you and smiling. Congrats! Now ask him to ask you out on a date.

    Is Smiling Flirting? -> link

    What attracts a guy to a girl? -> link

    Idea for the perfect date? -> link


    - Evan

  • wait was he wide eyed staring or lovingly staring?

    thats the difference between

    a hater or a lover...

    tell me asap. and I will answer truthfully

    • He was lovingly staring..

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